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måndag 21 juni 2010

Whaddup Universe!

Yet another week down town for Uncut Music Group'
More CDs to be sold, More Streets to be walked.
I'm feelin a Good Vibe though!
I just hope we be seeing the Sun a lot more than these past few days! I mean shieeet..
Typical Swedish summer; People are hyped up and ready to enjoy some outside activities
But if it aint rainin it's switching between 4 different weathers making it impossible to plan shit, or stay in a good mood. But yo, not this week. This week I'm untouchable!
Then again, I say that to myself every week..
It is Monday the 21th of June and we were about to go wander the streets of Stockholm'
But the plan changed in the Last minute and Now we are taking a stroll through Uppsala instead. -So for all of you uptowners who haven't copped "Destined To Be" yet!
Now is your chance to run down town, put a 50 ina ya Pocket and holla at us when you see us!

I can't believe it is allready the end of June btw, It's like my perception of time is trippin on coffein or some shit cos things are just movin a lil too quick lately.
but daz life I guess.. ups n Downs, Lefts n Rights, ins and outs, Smiles n Laughters Happy n shiit..
Hahaha.. aight yeaah anyways, See you all down town! Blessings from around.

P.S For all of you out there that always promise yourself that "THIS SUMMER IS GONNA BE DA BOMB" remember that the summer aint over untill the ground is colored yellow.
So I mean you still got time to do whatever you need to do to get there!


/Ian Sensi

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